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Helios update coming 06.29.2016

on Wed, Jun 8, 2016 | By Admin

Coming 6.29.16   Story The ancient giants have awoken and a new age has begun When Etis van Etina destroyed the Garden of Spirit, the aftermath caused a life support system stored deep inside the ruins of the Giant’s Cave to reactivate from its dormant state. Absorbing energy from the shattered remains of the Spirit Garden, the Shine Stone restored power...

TZG – Summer Cup 20.06.2016

on Tue, May 31, 2016 | By Admin

This tournament is organized by Team Zone Gaming community. It is specially for players that come from Montenegro. Minimum number of teams 16 Participation fee: 2 € per player (10€ per team)   Edited! Tournament is being played online 5 vs 5 Map: Summoners rift Mode: Tournament Draft BO3 (Best out of 3) Bans per team: 3 Game length: until winner is determined Winner is...

Patch 6.11 To Finally End 4v5 Matchups

on Fri, May 20, 2016 | By Admin

In any MOBA, no feeling can match that impending, nagging feeling of helplessness that comes with being outnumbered in a match. In a League of Legends game, playing with a four-player team against a team of five players pretty much means that you are doomed. In an attempt to even the scale in League of Legends and bring a balance to the occasional handicap matches of five-player...

Split Face Portraits of Warcraft Actors and Their CGI Counterpart

on Thu, May 19, 2016 | By Admin

On 10 June 2016 the new Warcraft movie will be released, based on Blizzard’s popular series of video games. The story features a plethora of fantastical heroes, creatures and races which in cinema usually means plenty of CGI to bring the characters to life. In the series of promotional posters below we get to see who the actors are behind the characters. Observant readers...

Edit: TZG – League moved for September

on Mon, Mar 21, 2016 | By Admin

– After qualification tournament that you could follow on our facebook &  we seen some really nice teams & games! We are proud to announce that Riot is standing behind our tournaments and we will use new format platform which will give all players option to insert tournament code and connect to their match. A side of Riot we have small sponsorship,...

Team Zone Gaming – Winter Cup

on Wed, Dec 9, 2015 | By Admin

Reminding, that this are not fix times and matches might be finishing faster so each team needs to be available and reachable 1 hour before their match will start. Goal of tournament is to finish it in one day, but in case that each match will last 1hour or longer we will hold tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Podsjetnik, vrijeme meceva nije fiksno, neki mecevi mogu zavrsiti...

Live date 15th December!

on Fri, Nov 13, 2015 | By Admin

Hello, everyone! It seems that you have quite a lot of questions, which is perfectly understandable, so we did our best to gather the most frequent ones and answer them. Q: When the game will be released? A: The exact release date will be announced after completing most of internal tests. The preliminary date of server start is set to December, 15th. Q: The button never loads...

Preorder – Lineage 2 Classic

on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 | By Admin

Fellow lineagers, We are glad to announce the start of pre-orders for Lineage 2 Classic Europe! Pre-ordering will give you the opportunity to begin your classic adventures a week before the project will be launched. Moreover, the pre-order option you choose will grant you various in-game items and other unique bonuses. Learn more about the game and get your pre-order pack...

Age of Splendor will be the starting expansion for Lineage 2 Classic in Europe

on Fri, Oct 23, 2015 | By Admin

Here is latest official info from 4game about Lineage 2 Classic in Europe   Fellow lineagers!​ ​ We would like to thank everyone who is passionately waiting for Lineage 2 Classic to come to Europe. We are glad to see your interest and would like to share some new information on the future project. First of all, Age of Splendor will be the starting expansion for...