Patch 6.11 To Finally End 4v5 Matchups

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In any MOBA, no feeling can match that impending, nagging feeling of helplessness that comes with being outnumbered in a match. In a League of Legends game, playing with a four-player team against a team of five players pretty much means that you are doomed.

In an attempt to even the scale in League of Legends and bring a balance to the occasional handicap matches of five-player vs four-player team (and a disconnected person), Riot Games may soon introduce a command that is going to allow the short-staffed team to bow out with grace.

With upcoming LoL patch 6.11 about to hit North America, the team with a headcount deficit will be prompted to initiate a remake after three minutes. Consequently, all the players will be returned to the queue if the following conditions are met:

  • no kills were made in the game
  • atleast 2 of 4 players vote “Yes”

However, the disconnected person will still have to pay for the disconnection as he will lose an amount of League Points that will equal the amount of points that the team would lose if they go ahead and play the game without voting “Yes”.

This seems like a fair enough deal though, especially since its practically a win-win deal for both teams. Riot Games has, however, highlighted some exceptions to the rule and these can be studied in detail on the game’s official webpage.



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