HF x30 – Summer PvP server

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HF x30 – Summer PvP server

Grand Opening: June 12 at 19:00 (+3 UTC)
Open Beta Test: June 7
Chronicles: High Five (OFF)

High-quality assembly, gigantic international community, stable game world, constant game events! And it’s not the end.
Now we are preparing a feature which will make our server really bright and unique!
Monitor our news to learn about it first!



  • Optimum balance HF PVP rates: х30
  • Best concept of 2015! Get the best features of PTS assembly
  • Balanced donations. Shop with S grade max
  • Unique lottery, adena and donation currency cashing, daily chance to get JACKPOT. Retention of adena’s market on the necessary level and absence of devaluation of currencies on the server
  • Comfortable BBS
  • Auto loot
  • BBS Buffer – without 3rd prof buff!
  • Help system in case of lack of time for the game. While connecting to the game after long absence player will automatically get rune +30% rates for 3 hours
  • Offline trade
  • Favorable conditions for PK players
  • Tears of Luck – Encouragement for online time! Special server’s currency, can’t be traded. Giving to all players who are out of town in combat mode (1 coin in random period of time). With this currency you can buy different accessory, unique agathions, buff scrolls and some consumables.
  • Lucky Treasure Chest – You can find it during monster farming. When you kill it you can get Tear of Luck and other useful things.
  • Unique pets Dota2
  • 4 ways to get 3rd prof and 3 ways for subclass and noblesse


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